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Why Top Sommeliers Think Alsace Rocks

Located in northeastern France, Alsace has long been a wine region where a multitude of geologic, climatic, and cultural influences have combined to forge a singular identity. [Read more]

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Alsace: Versatility at the Table

After a long period of border conflict between France and Germany, this French region developed a strong identity centered on gastronomy, wine, and sustainability. With those assets, today’s winemaking families have a clear understanding of how their unique terroir—a mosaic of more than a dozen ancient soils—transmits distinct characteristics into wines that cannot be made anywhere else on earth. There’s good reason that claims of pure expression are made for these wines: Few other regions offer such communicable profiles of minerality, fruit, florals, spice, and earthiness. Today, Alsace produces some of the world’s most intriguing, diverse, and terroir-transparent wines. [Read more]

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Once you send an order, it’s easy to reorder Alsace wines from your history. To order Alsace wines from distributors not listed on SevenFifty, just enter your sales rep’s email when prompted at checkout.

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