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Wines of Georgia 201

Please join us on Wednesday, May 26 for the second in our series of virtual seminar-tastings focused on Georgian wine. More information in the link. Email: georgia@marqwine.com to request participation form (due to limited number of tasting kits).

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Wines of Georgia Regional Guide

Nestled between the two ranges of the Caucasus Mountains, Georgia is home to the oldest unbroken winemaking tradition in the world. Georgians are fiercely proud of their 8,000-year winemaking tradition, their hundreds of indigenous grape varieties, and their unique wine culture.

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Understanding the Georgian Wine Boom

The country’s indigenous grape varieties, incredible bargains, and off-the-beaten-path wine styles have sparked international interest.

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Ancient Techniques with the Qvevri Vessel

Winemaking in Georgia stretches back over 8,000 years of history. According to archaeological evidence, the first Georgian wines were made and stored in earthenware vessels called qvevri (or kvevri). The qvevri is Georgia’s most important and best-known winemaking vessel, and it remains the centerpiece of traditional winemaking in Georgia today.

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