The Rhône Valley’s rising star

The wines of AOC Ventoux are made at the foot of Mont-Ventoux, which culminates at 1912 meters, in the southern Rhône Valley offering a unique freshness and balance. It is the only appellation with vineyards spreading over two Regional Natural Parks. It is also recognized by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve.  Ventoux is first and foremost defined by its cooler climate: the influence of the mountain creates a wide variation of temperatures between days and nights. The main varieties are Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, Mourvèdre and Carignan for reds and rosés and Grenache blanc, Clairette, Roussanne, Viognier and Vermentino for whites. There is a great dynamic amongst the winegrowers of AOC Ventoux: aware of the incredible potential of their terroir, they know they are becoming the rising stars of the Rhône Valley.


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The magnetic effect of Ventoux attracting winemakers from all over the world

This video will give you a hint of how international, diverse, passionate, and dynamic the winegrowers of AOC Ventoux are! Its great terroir is home to more than 20 nationalities of winemakers who are all gathered by their common love of the Ventoux mountain and its tremendous terroir. Whether in cooperative cellars, private cellars, or as wine merchants, they are driven by the same passion for cool climate and fresh wines. They form a friendly and committed community and act to protect, embellish and transmit their infinite care for this unique land.

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photo credits to JC.Bonnici/AOCVentoux

photo credits to Norman.Kergoat/AOCVentoux

Why It’s Time to Pay Attention to Ventoux

The quality and aging potential of wines from AOC Ventoux elevate them to the top of the wine production in the Rhône Valley. Some even talks about a “Ventoux revolution” that has already happened! The appellation was created in 1973 and concentrates centuries of winegrowing tradition, still the last decade has been eye-opening for the international press and wine specialists from all over the world. Megan Krigbaum tells you why it’s time to pay attention to Ventoux.

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United to share, protect, and cultivate the summit of the living world.

AOC Ventoux is the first wine region in France to adopt a purpose and to federate all the players in the appellation around a shared ambition: to become an example of harmonious and sustainable development by protecting the living world and its culture. The appellation is a pioneer in its collective commitment towards environmental issues and in participating to the local life of the territory. Protecting an off the charts biodiversity, reducing by 30% its carbon footprint by 2030, sharing our know-how and transmitting it to next generations, fostering cultural activities across the Ventoux area: here are a few ambitions of the winemakers of the Ventoux!


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photo credits to P. Aguilar/PNRMV

A wind of change is blowing through the hills of Ventoux

AOC Ventoux will have the honor to organize a seminar hosted by Jeb Dunnuck during the next edition of Hospice du Rhône on April 21-23, 2022. This will be a great opportunity to showcase the wines of the Appellation throughout three days of amazing tastings dedicated to the wines made of Rhône varietals. A group of 8 growers and representatives of the AOC will fly to Paso Robles in California and celebrate the beauties of their cooler Rhône Valley vineyard around two paramount themes: freshness and late ripening areas.


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