Sessions for Current Distributor Users

  For Sales Reps – Getting Started

This webinar is for sales reps who already have access to SevenFifty. We will show you how you can streamline communication with your buyers and create effective sales sheets. Trainings last about 30 minutes.

Offered every Friday.


  For Managers – Boost Engagement

In this webinar we’ll cover the steps you can take to improve your portfolio’s performance on the marketplace and boost your team’s engagement with the sales tools. We will also cover how to share digital order forms with your buyers.

Offered monthly.


Pro Tips for Buyers

After 20 minutes you’ll know how to search and order like a SevenFifty pro from the nation’s most complete listing of wines, beers, and spirits. Beverage management has never been easier!

Offered weekly.



Don’t see a time that works for you? Let us know!

Webinar for Importers and Producers

Join us for a tour of our new supplier portal and see how you can browse through hundreds of thousands of products in your markets, edit your brand listings, upload collateral, and build custom sales sheets.

Offered twice per week.


Distributor Interested in SevenFifty?

See why over 1,000 distributors, large and small, have already joined the marketplace. Strengthen your relationship with buyers and grow your business with a more professional sales force.

Learn how:

  • A distributor in NYC received over $1 million in orders through SevenFifty in 90 days.
  • A single state distributor with 10,000 SKUs saved 115 working hours and $35,000 annually using SevenFifty Dynamic Price Books.
  • 30,000 sales reps nationwide use SevenFifty Sales Tools to save time and create more professional sales collateral.